Our statewide Ad Valorem Tax group has decades of experience in every aspect of property tax law and appeals. We handle property tax assessment challenges and litigate property tax disputes. We advise on economic incentives, exemptions and classifications. We also provide in-depth counseling on tax projections and planning. We have achieved significant tax savings for clients throughout the state of Florida by aggressively advocating our clients’ rights.

Property Tax Assessment Challenges

We help real estate owners, tenants, managers, lenders and developers throughout Florida minimize tax liability through administrative appeals before Value Adjustment Boards and in Circuit Court. We have substantial experience challenging the valuation of nearly every type of property including office buildings, hotels, apartment and condominium buildings, multi-family housing, low-income housing, retail (anchor department stores, big box retailers, grocery stores, shopping centers, regional malls), hospitals, assisted/independent living facilities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, vacant and undeveloped land, and tangible personal property.

Challenges & Litigation of Property Tax Disputes

We have experience resolving disputes involving substantial completion, classification issues and exemptions from taxation.

Economic Incentives, Exemptions, and Classifications

We advise property owners on taking advantage of various local and state development tax incentive programs. We also counsel real estate owners on property tax exemption and classification applications (including agricultural classifications and homestead exemptions). In addition, we have experience challenging denials of tax exemptions and applications before Value Adjustment Boards and in Circuit Courts.

Tax Projections and Planning

Our attorneys advise clients by providing tax projections associated with the acquisition of real property to maximize tax efficiency and avoid unplanned expenses.

In-House Research and Analysis Capabilities

Our statewide Ad Valorem group is enhanced through advanced analysis capabilities. Our in-house real estate analyst conducts in-depth research and analysis to support tax assessment challenges and provides unique insight (based on his 16 years of experience with the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser’s Office) on how to address and resolve an assortment of ad valorem taxation issues.

Additionally, our in-house Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allows us to easily and effectively compile and analyze assessment data. Methods include comparison of similar property assessments, Improved Value, Just Value, Primary Use, and identifying highest and best use limitations. This information can be integrated with other data types to identify compelling factors or conditions that are not apparent otherwise.

  • Complex tax appeals before Value Adjustment Boards and in Circuit Court throughout Florida
  • Challenges & Litigation of Property Tax Disputes
  • Ad Valorem property tax exemptions, classifications and economic incentives/ legislative development initiatives
  • Tax projections associated with the acquisition of real property

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