We counsel clients on a full array of data security issues, from the implementation of data-privacy policies and practices, to insurance coverage for loss caused by data breaches, to what to do after discovering unauthorized access to a computer or email system. We regularly help our clients address current and emerging issues of Cybersecurity preparedness, train management and staff-level personnel on data security awareness and best practices, and advise on such matters as data breaches and theft, the potential exposure of personal identifying information, and the necessity or not of reporting to governmental authorities or credit reporting agencies.

  • Client Counseling Regarding Privacy and Data Security
  • Data Breach Prevention and Response
    • We regularly advise organizations of all sizes on implementation of data privacy and data breach prevention policies that not only meet or exceed industry standards but are appropriate for organizations of their size. We assist organizations to identify and mitigate internal risk factors that leave them vulnerable to hacking, malware, denials-of-service, human error, data theft, or other unauthorized access to systems or information.
    • Our team can also assist organizations to respond to data security incidents or breaches.  We assist clients to retain appropriate vendors to identify the sources of breaches and to enact immediate remediation.  We also counsel clients on notification requirements, which vary with each jurisdiction, for affected individuals, law enforcement and any state, federal or regulatory authorities.
  • Development of Employment Policies
    • Our team can assist organizations to develop and implement cybersecurity, privacy, social media, electronic communications, information technology, bring your own device (“BYOD”), confidentiality, security, and data protection policies that meet or exceed industry standards and are appropriate for organizations of their size.
  • Government Investigations & Audits
  • Licensure & Discipline
  • Regulatory Filings, Compliance & Analysis

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