Florida Chamber 38th Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School

July 16, 2024

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Jeffrey A. Collier is on the panel:

  • Overview of Regulations and Emerging Issues Affecting Imperiled Species

Jacob T. Cremer is on the panel:

  • How The Live Local Act Changes The Land Use Game

Carl Eldred is on the panel:

  • Remediation Strategies and Case Studies

Felicia Kitzmiller is on the panel:

  • Fresh From Florida: Emerging Issues in Agriculture and Their Effect on the Environment
  • What's New In Environmental Resource Permitting

Kenneth B. Metcalf is on the panel:

  • The Evolution of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Resiliency Efforts

Nicole Neugebauer MacInnes is on the panel:

  • Land and Golf Course Redevelopment: Opportunities and Challenges

Susan L. Stephens is on the panel:

  • Federal Wetlands Permitting Update
  • Environmental Permits Under Attack: Preparing for and Defending Your Permits and Other Approvals
  • What's New In Environmental Resource Permitting