Our state-wide team assists clients in every aspect of participation in the political process. We advise public officials, judges, candidates and campaigns, political action committees, corporations, membership and non-profit organizations, lobbyists, and high-net worth individual donors on a range of issues, including campaign advertising and finance, disputed elections, Florida Open Government / Sunshine Laws, and ethics issues. We also counsel clients on drafting and advancing proposed legislation, constitutional amendments, and other ballot initiatives.

  • Federal and Florida Election Law Compliance
    • Campaign Finance Regulations
    • Formation and Operation of PACs
    • Political Advertising and Electioneering Communications
    • Lobbying and Other Political Activity Regulations
  • Recounts and Contested Elections
  • Voting Rights Act Issues
  • Ballot Qualification
  • Legislation and Ballot Initiatives
    • Policy Development
    • Strategic Consulting and Drafting for Proposed Legislation
    • Constitutional and Charter Amendments
    • Other Ballot Initiatives
  • Judicial Campaigns and Ethics Inquiries
  • Ethics Rules and Counseling 
  • Florida Elections Commission
  • Florida Commission on Ethics
  • Extraordinary Writ Proceedings
  • Florida Sunshine / Open Government Laws
  • Election Litigation

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Florida Constitution Review Commission|January 2018|Glenn Burhans, Jr.

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The Usual Suspects |October 2016|Glenn Burhans, Jr.

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Florida Weekly|March 2016

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The Florida Times Union|March 2016

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Tallahassee Democrat|February 2016|Glenn Burhans, Jr.

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Tampa Bay Times|July 2015

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Context Florida|July 2015|Glenn Burhans, Jr.

Events: Talk Show Appearance
The Usual Suspects |July 2015|Glenn Burhans, Jr.

Events: The Accidental Lobbyist: Florida Lobbyist Registration Requirements and Applicable Public Records Act Provisions
February 2015|Glenn Burhans, Jr.

Events: How to Advocate within the Law: Election & Campaign Finance Considerations for Nonprofits
United Partners for Human Services 15th Annual Conference for Excellence in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, TCC Center for Workforce Development |May 2014|Gigi Rollini

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